Beard Apron by The Dealer Bib Cape Catches Hair Clipping While Shaving or Grooming, Stops Clogging Sink Easy Clean Up after Trim

Product Features

  • QUALITY – Great quality material, double sided waterproof material so your clothes wont get wet! Suction cups will adhere to any nonporous surface i.e. mirror. Washing machine safe.
  • One Size Fits All – Suitable for men of all different weight and heights.
  • Travel – Comes with convenient storage pouch you can travel with or use to store in the comfort of your home. Store Apron, Suction Cups as well as other grooming essentials.
  • Time saving – Will catch all Beard and Mustache trimmings for easy disposal when finished.
  • Convenient – White in Color to ensure you’ll see all trimming from facial hair for an even easier disposal. No More Angry Wife, No More Clogged Drains!

Product Description

Shaving can be a tedious task for some, cleaning up your trimmings can be the same, especially for the wives of their bearded husbands. Every man with facial hair should own a beard apron. Its a must have tool to tame your mane in the most effective way possible. We wanted to give you just that at an affordable price. Finally you can trim your beard at home without making a mess all over the bath or sink. The Dealer’s Beard apron will cut you facial hair cleaning time by 95%. *inserts thumbs up* Our Beard apron has a wide neck opening with velcro adjustments for a convenient one size fits all method. A reinforced border to keep all clippings inside. White in color to ensure you get every hair clipping during the clean up process. 2 suction cups that adheres to any nonporous surface. A convenient sleek storage pouch to store your apron, suction cups and other small grooming essentials.

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