Beat Procrastination: From the Akrasia Sprint to Success, Tools to Avoid Procrastination, Increase Productivity and Take Control of Your Life

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Get What You Want and Control Your Destiny!

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Inside, you’ll find a wealth of advice for taking action in life. You’ll learn how Akrasia differs from procrastination – and how to increase your will and determination. With this new knowledge, you can build the limitless life you’ve always wanted!

This easy-to-understand book includes real-life examples for avoiding mental obstacles and moving ahead to your goals. By understanding your cognitive responses and behavior patterns, you can grab the controls and create a better life situation!

With this fascinating, cutting-edge book, you can:

  • Increase your will, learn right Decision-Making & Problem Solving process. and decrease your Akrasia
  • Understand how to Overcome Procrastination and conquer Akrasia
  • Break procrastination habits and achieve more intrinsic motivation to “finish it today” by developing an “anti-procrastination mindset”
  • Learn self-control and self-binding techniques to stop make Unhealthy diet choices, Cure your postponed Health issues and Financial difficulties. Make incredible life changes with the power of self-control
  • Stop struggle to get started on important projects
  • Muzzle your inner critic and eliminate negative self-talk
  • Stop delaying your success

and so much more!

It’s time to get serious about success. This book, the first in its series, gives you a whole workshop of personal development tools. You’ll discover the 7 New Habits Which Limit and Simplify Your Choices, 25 Personal Statements Which Say You’re in Control, and How to Control Your Time Using Productivity Apps.

Get this book, understand the science of Akrasia, and stop working against yourself. Free your mind from confusion and doubt – and go out there and succeed. The possibilities are endless!

Don’t pass up this opportunity to surge forward in life. Get your copy of A Procrastinator’s Guide to the World of Akrasia right away!

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