Compostizer Introducing Stainless Steel 1.3 Gal Kitchen Compost Bin Kit, Unique Inner Bucket, Special e-Vent Technology, Double Carbon Filters, Paperback Book, Composting Thermometer,4 Double Filters

Product Features

  • UNIQUE PLASTIC INNER COMPOST BUCKET prevents composting acid metal degradation, eliminates ugly plastic bag in the Composting Bin and makes easy carries from kitchen composter to the outdoor compost tumbler. No need for compostable bags.
  • ANNOUNCING SPECIAL e-VENTS: fluorocarbon microporous ventilation technology used in industrial composting covers. These lid MICRO VENTS do not attract nor allow flies, roaches or critters, solving the bug nesting and attraction problem of all other kitchen composters. They also control green-waste odors, are hydrophobic, oleophobic and acid proof, while allowing ventilation and air transmission.
  • NOW WITH DOUBLE CARBON FILTER for further odor free operation. Kit includes 4 ODOR TRAPING DOUBLE FILTERS so you have plenty replacements for the composter.
  • INCLUDES EXCITING PAPERBACK BOOK, “The Definitive Guide to Composting” by Vivian Warf. Also INCLUDES BONUS COMPOST THERMOMETER to monitor the composting process.
  • ALL STAINLESS STEEL for long lasting operation. Dishwasher safe. This Countertop Compost Bin sits elegantly and beautifies your kitchen. 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

Product Description


Discover the Compostizer Composting Kit
With Unique Inner Bucket and Micro Mesh e-Vents

Why Should You use the Compostizer ?

– Because the INNER BUCKET isolates the acidic process that corrodes even stainless steel, eliminating the need of ugly plastic bags and protecting the bin.
– Because MICRO MESH e-VENT TECHNOLOGY prevents entrance, attraction and nesting of fruit flies, roaches and other bugs, a recurring problem in all other kitchen compost bins. That means, NO MORE LARVAE IN YOUR FILTERS.
– Because TRUE SMELL FREE operation is achieved by the synergic action of the DOUBLE organic activated charcoal filters with the e-Vent Technology.
– Because you get 4 DOUBLE FILTERS, over 2 years of replacements.


Bonus Composting Accessories Kit

Composting Thermometer with special composting
markings and easy read out, a full 20.00 value.

Paperback book “The Definitive Guide to Composting” by Vivian Warf.
. The Short, No Nonsense, Right to the Point
. Guide to Master Composting

All this in One Professional, Advanced, Kitchen Composting Kit.

Keep a Compostizer in Your Kitchen.
It Also Makes The Perfect Gift.

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