Cover Letter: How To Write A Cover Letter That Sells You To Employers And Gets You The Job You Want

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Learn The Easiest And Most Effective Way to Write A Cover Letter

Ever spotted the dream job that will transform your life for the better, but feel that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach when you realise that you need to include a cover letter?

Sick of working tirelessly to find that perfect project only to be met with rejection letter after rejection letter?

Maybe you’re returning to the workforce and are looking to streamline your efforts, perfect your cover letter and discover that ‘special sauce’ that will provide you with a competitive edge.

Cover letters are an essential part of the majority of job applications, but if you miss the target and get them wrong, you have wasted both your time and effort, and won’t be called for an interview anytime soon.

But they’re so hard to write.

How on earth are you supposed to summarise all of your skills into one single letter?

How do you know what you absolutely must include and what would be best avoided?

How can you capture the attention of the hiring manager without resorting to gimmicks?

And worst of all, how do you even get started?

Many years ago, I was in the exact same position as you find yourself in. I struggled, I procrastinated and I failed. But I soon learned the secrets to creating awesome cover letters that don’t just look good, they actually work, and in this book, I will share them with you so you can win that job and create the life of your dreams.

This approach is quick, effective and will save hours or even weeks of your life.

Here’s what you can expect to find within:

  • Why Your Cover Letter Matters
  • What Are Employers Really Looking For?
  • How To Target The Company’s Needs
  • How To Structure Your Covering Letter
  • Building An Introduction That Works
  • How To Sell Your Skills and Background
  • How To Tell The Right Stories So You Get Noticed
  • The Importance of Editing

And much more, including our top-rated cover letter worksheet that will help you discover the key information you should include in order to get noticed.

Are you ready to change your life?

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