Earn Extra Income: 29 Creative Ways to Earn $1,000 or More in the Next 30 Days (Wealth Building Series)

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When Living on a Budget Isn’t Enough.

Have you tried to live on a budget only to discover that budgeting just doesn’t move the needle? No matter how hard you try to cut back and pinch pennies, you just can’t seem to get ahead. Smart money management is important, but sometimes you really need to just make more money to achieve your financial goals and get ahead in life.

Earn Extra Income offers a collection of twenty-five easy-to-implement side hustles, part-time jobs, small business ideas and work-from-home opportunities that you can implement in the next thirty days that will allow you start making more money this month. If you have a short-term financial need and are looking for extra ways to make cash on the side, Earn Extra Income is the book for you.

Here are some of the money-making strategies you’ll learn:

  • Join the gig economy and make money by working for services like Uber, Lyft, Postmates, and Task Rabbit.
  • Get your hands dirty and earn money by cleaning homes and offices, organizing estate sales, and doing handyman and landscaping work.
  • Use your teaching, tutoring, and childcare skills to make money and invest in the next generation.
  • Freelance your way to extra income by working as a virtual assistant, a transcriptionist, a freelance writer, or a freelance photographer.
  • How to find real jobs that will allow you to work at home.

You don’t have to live on a tight budget to get ahead, and Earn Extra Income will show you the way. The work-from-home strategies and money-making ideas in Earn Extra Income aren’t hard to implement, but will enable you to earn an extra ,000 per month or more. What would you do if you had ,000 extra dollars to spend each month? Would you save up for a better car? Would you put money away for your kids’ college? Would you go on a vacation? All of these things become possible when you begin implementing some of the extra income strategies outlined in Earn Extra Income.

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