Optional Disposable Paper Filters for Reusable K Cups (300/Box) Fits All Brands

Product Features

  • ✅ Optional Paper Filter for K cups perfectly fits all reusable k cups (Universal Design)
  • ✅ Enjoy coffee that is free of sediments
  • ✅ Makes Cleanup a Breeze. All you have to do is simply flip the k cup and discard the paper filter
  • ✅ Top quality German paper used in construction unlike cheap competition
  • ✅ Enjoy stronger coffee by using these paper filters

Product Description

Customers ♥ love ♥ our Paper Filter for K cups. These are optional Disposable paper filters that can be used in your reusable k cups.
This paper filter fits all reusable k cups in the market. Made by Delibru – Premium Brewing!

These paper cups:
1) Keeps fine grounds and sediments out of coffee
2) Makes clean up a breeze by keeping sediments out of the k-cup. After brewing, all you have to do to clean your k cup is toss the paper cup with coffee grounds and your reusable k cup stays free of grounds!
3)Makes your coffee stronger by slowing the flow of coffee and allowing the water to stay longer in the grinds

**This product is also known as:
Paper K Cup filters
Paper k cups
Disposable paper k cup filters
Disposable paper keurig filter

Universal Design fits all resuable k cups – Ekobrew, keurig, Solofil, perfectpod, Delibru etc. etc.
Simply Add To Cart and start enjoying your coffee today!
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