Shaving Station – Aftershave Balm – Lavender, Tea Tree & Vitamin E – Lass-O Premium Comforting & Nourishing Natural After-Shave Treatment – Cocoa & Shea Butter – Paraben & Sulfate Free – 3.38 Fl Oz

Product Features

  • Vegan | Natural Botanical Oils & Essences | Paraben & Sulfate Free | Dermatology Tested | Cruelty Free Alcohol Free | Lavender & Tea Tree Essential Oil | Vitamin E | Shea Butter, Kokum & Cocoa Butter
  • Powered by pure botanical essences of Lavender & Tea Tree, Lass-O After Shave Balm helps sooth and moisturize the skin providing it with luxury conditioning while cleaning hair follicles eliminating razor burns, bumps, nicks, blemishes and ingrown hair. Contains *No-Alcohol* – doesn’t sting or irritate
  • Unique after shave product that absorbs quickly, helping skin retain its moisture, while hydrating and softening skin. Also used to heal small cuts and bruises from shaving. Balm your skin after every shave
  • Formulated especially for all skin types including raw or sensitive skin. Contains 3 kinds of butters: Shea Butter, Kokum & Cocoa Butter – each with its own unique skin healing properties to help restore flexibility, moisture and vitality to your skin, calming it down after shaving. Meets TSA travel restrictions
  • • Eliminate Dirt, Oil and Grime • Sooth & Moisturize Skin • Fight Irritation & Dryness • Hydrate & Soften Facial Hair • Balance Oily Skin • Help Heal Razor Burns, Bumps, Cuts & Bruises

Product Description

Shaving Station’s Lass-O Aftershave Balm

Men’s After-Shave product designed especially for all skin types. Most aftershave products are alcohol based which tighten skin and dry it out, actually causing skin to peel making it flaky and broken. With Lass-O After Shave Balm, you benefit from all natural and safe ingredients to clear out pores from dirt, oil and grime and seal them up quickly to prevent any additional bacteria from entering. It’s The perfect post shave experience.

Powered by 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Botanical Extracts:

• Lavender Essential Oil – Antioxidant & anti-inflammatory properties, may be used to ease cuts, bruises, burns and skin irritations.

• Tea Tree Essential Oil – Powerful antiseptic & antioxidant properties, inhibits growth of bacteria, significantly improves the appearance of blemishes leaving skin looking young and smooth. Increases blood circulation helping hair follicles stay healthy reducing the appearance of wrinkles, dandruff and dry skin.

• Vitamin E – Blocks free radicals from the body, which play a large part in the aging process, reduces wrinkles and keeps skin soft and young.

•Cocoa + Shea Butter – Excellent moisturizer restoring elasticity to skin reducing wrinkles, acne and scars. Helps sooth skin rashes, cuts and bruises while relieving itchy and dry skin.

•Kokum Butter – Antioxidant properties, heals damaged skin restoring its flexibility while helping prevent dryness and regenerate new skin cells.

For Enhanced Effect & Great Results: Pair with additional Shaving Station Lass-O Lavender & Tea Tree products in the line available here on Amazon

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