The Habit Handbook: A Mindful Approach to Changing Bad Habits and Creating Good Habits

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The Habit Handbook

A Mindful Approach to Changing Bad Habits and Creating Good Habits

We might think that we’re making a series of conscious, rational choices in our countless daily activities. In reality, however, at least 40% of our actions are firmly under the control of habit. Our habits exert an enormous influence on our lives. They affect our health, our relationships, our work, our finances, our general happiness, and just about every other facet of our being. Unfortunately, most of us have acquired a lot of bad habits, and could use a lot more good habits.

I wrote The Habit Handbook to explain how to change bad habits and how to create good habits. The book uses the latest breakthroughs from scientific research on habit control—tools such as the habit loop, the Golden Rule of habit change, the five-minute takeoff, and keystone habits. It also shows how to use the practice of mindfulness and other highly effective traditional methods to transform our habitual behavior.

Our happiness and well-being, the entire outcome of our existence, depend upon the balance of good and bad habits in our lives. Let The Habit Handbook show you how to eliminate bad habits and acquire good habits, and tilt the habit scales in favor of your life.

The Contents


1. Habits: Good and Bad

2. How Habits Work

3. Changing Bad Habits

4. Creating Good Habits

5. The Challenge of Changing Our Habits

6. Change Habits by Practicing Mindfulness

7. Change Habits through Affirmation and Visualization

8. Change Habits with Introspection and Journaling

9. Change Habits by Changing Your Environment

10. Change Habits by Practicing Meditation

11. Start with Small Habits Using the “Five-Minute Takeoff”

12. Transform Your Life with a Keystone Habit


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