The Roulette Winner: A practical guide for beating the wheel

The Roulette Winner: A practical guide for beating the wheel

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Have you ever dreamed of being financially independent? Imagine walking into any casino and placing winning bets on the roulette tables! Lee Tutor has been making good money consistently in casinos around the world for more than two decades, and has now written this amazing unique book to teach you how to do the same! He tells us a simple truth: “There is no mechanical system to beat roulette”. But, if you have realistic expectations, place only those bets that have an acceptable profit to risk ratio, and also know when to quit, you will win most of the time. Written for both the novice and the professional roulette player, this is the most practical, and user friendly presentation you’ll ever read on the game of roulette. Packed with over one hundred and fifty diagrams, it shows you: • How to place your bets quickly and accurately • How to manage your money • How to design and play progressions that win 99% of the time • How to exploit the predictable ways in which dealers spin the wheel • How to calculate the odds of winning, or losing, any bet • How, and when, to target specific areas of the wheel. • How to survive the casino’s psychological warfare.

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