Work Rules For The Suitcase Entrepreneur: Work Smarter & How To Set Up Your Desk Box Set

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What’s the secret to work smarter not harder? What tricks and tips are out there to help you become a productivity ninja? Look no farther–this book has 101 productivity ideas to help you work smarter starting today!

Remember too that a fundamental aspect to productivity is desk organization and this book will ALSO show you exactly how to organize your desk to maximize productivity!

Once upon a time, I was just like you: disorganized, overworked, and a huge ball of stress! I took a hard look at my life and how I was (poorly) accomplishing things in my life, and made some huge changes to work smarter not harder and become the productivity ninja that I am today!

In my book you’ll learn:
1. The best methods to improve your productivity in the office and how to effectively eliminate distractions
2. What you can do to maximize productivity at home so you can spend more quality time with your family and friends
3. Why “Just Say No” doesn’t just apply to drugs!
4. How to become a more productive student
5. How to help others out to become a productivity ninja
6. How to organize your desk top and drawers to squeeze every bit of productivity out of them
7. How your desk’s position can impact your efficiency and what to do about it
8. The benefits of a standing desk including my own recommendation for the best standing desk on the market
9. The psychological impacts of a properly organized and efficient desk and work space

Don’t lose out on valuable productivity points any longer. Buy this book and boost your productivity and learn how to organize your desk today!

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