Arches Tinnitus Formula – Now with Ginkgo Max 26/7 – Natural Tinnitus Treatment for Relief From Ringing Ears – 100 Count Bottle – 25 Day Supply

Product Features

  • Real relief from tinnitus.
  • Scientifically proven tinnitus treatment.
  • Doctor-recommended for tinnitus caused by hearing loss or exposure to loud noise.
  • Highest quality Ginkgo biloba (Ginkgo Max 26/7®), for best results.
  • Helping tinnitus sufferers for 20 years.

Product Description

You deserve a better night’s sleep, and a quieter and more productive life. Arches Tinnitus Formula® combines clinically proven natural herbal and mineral ingredients to reduce your tinnitus safely. Our proprietary Ginkgo Max 26/7® is the highest quality Ginkgo biloba extract on the market. There is still no cure for tinnitus, and it has many causes. But most people with tinnitus caused by hearing loss or prolonged exposure to loud noises find real relief within 100 days of starting Arches Tinnitus Formula®. (One bottle is a 25-day supply.) Over 30 clinical studies have shown the ingredients used in Arches Tinnitus Formula® to be effective in reducing tinnitus noise. Most people will see little or no change in the first few weeks, but will experience a noticeable reduction of noise beginning around 8 to 12 weeks. ENT specialist and ear surgeon Darius Kohan, MD, wrote about his patients with tinnitus from noise-induced hearing loss: “Arches Tinnitus Formula does not work for everybody, but it works with about 75% to 80% of these patients. Arches Tinnitus Formula is a safe and benign treatment that we initiate for patients.” (Medco Forum. Volume: 19; Issue: 35: September 2012.)

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