Betfair Trading Made Simple: The Ultimate Guide to Getting Started

Betfair Trading Made Simple: The Ultimate Guide to Getting Started

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Looking for a reliable resource to help you get started? This is why Betfair trading made simple was created.

Betfair trading made simple is an entry level book designed to assist anybody that is interested in learning to trade on Betfair’s Exchange, regardless of ability or sport. Promoted by Betfair themselves, Caan explains all that you will need to consider as an aspiring exchange trader.

You will learn:

– What is required to make money betting
– The basics principles behind Betfair trading (step by step)
– Factors behind gaining an unfair advantage
– Simple start-up process (including tools)
– How to strategically build a winning approach

Primarily, Betfair trading made simple is not a strategy based book. However, there are a collection of strong hints and tips as to where the reader should be looking if they are to succeed. Also, several strategic approaches are broken down and explained.

Prerequisites: for beginners, doesn’t require prior trading knowledge.

Learning to trade Betfair can be an arduous task. Particularly when you don’t understand what’s going on behind the scenes. All the moving numbers, charts, percentages and information. Nonetheless, on the other side, should you succeed – there are some massive benefits. Being your own boss, flexible working conditions and financial freedom to name a few…

But where do you even start?

These was the initial problem that we set out to solve within this book. Starting from nothing, we wanted to offer readers a quick, efficient and reliable starting resource that they can return to time and again. Making the process of learning to trade Betfair simple and convenient.

For an entry level trader this book is worth far more than the listed cost. Providing a logical points and examples on route, Betfair trading made simple is the ideal solution in one neatly packaged book.

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