BIBENE Door Alarm System Home Security DIY Kit, 4 Zones, Loud 130dB, 2-In-1 Host, One Button Remote, Expandable 40 Door Window Motion Sensors, Password Required Burglar Alert Security System D3-1¡­

Product Features

  • Professional Security Alarm System with 4 Zones! And 4 different modes that are ordinary/doorbell/emergency/welcome modes available to DIY each Zone features .It¡¯s a real DIY System for all Small/Medium/large House since it¡¯s expandable upto 40 sensors such as door sensor or motion sensor (Note: Each zone upto 10sensors), and upto 10 remotes.
  • Location on Exact Alarming Area: When Alarm triggered, the led indicator of corresponding zone will flash to make you quick distinguishing of exact alarming area for your further action,as well as convenient for hearing impaired person.
  • More Security and Convenience! The Host requires 4 digital password to disarm that avoids the intruders to disarm it immediately. For your own convenience, you can use the remote to one-button disarm the system!The 2-way magnet of the host is flexible to place on the left&right of the host meeting for different doorframe.
  • Cost-effective & Multi-function Host: The host with magnet equals 1 host with 1 door sensor allows to work as stand alone alarming,and the optional Away/At Home Mode & Chime/Siren is flexible to DIY to meet different requirements,Switch to Away Home Modes which allows 30seconds arm delay the system,it is great for you to open doors before leaving without alarming .At home Mode is arm direct on the host.
  • Cost-effective professional DIY alarm system Kit that Comes with 1x 2in1 Host,4 Door/window sensors,1 remote control, 1 User manual, batteries, screws and tapes optional for quick installation.It would detect any forceful break-in to active the system with 125dB loud siren to deter potential intruders,alert neighbors,or just chime prompt sound for child safety protection without monthly fee.

Product Description

Why choose us?

-Most Cost-effective Host:
1) 2-in-1 Host with magnet allows to work as stand alone alarming,and its magnet is flexible to place on the left & right side of the host to meet different doorframe.
2)Away & At home Modes optional
At Home mode: Direct arm & alarm
Away mode: Delay arm with 30secs
3)Chime/Siren optional for different intend
4)Loud 130dB to deter the intruders and alert neighbors or when you upstairs

Note: Above settings applied only to host, not affect on the sensors

-Prossional alarm System with 4 Zones
Expandable upto 40sensors such as door sensor/motion sensor
(upto 10sensor for each zone)

– 4 Modes optional to DIY each Zone features for different intend
Ordinary Mode: Alarm with Siren Sound under arming status, Silent under disarming status.
DoorBell Mode: Alarm with Doorbell tone both under arm/disarm status.
Emergency Mode: Alarm with siren tone both under arm/disarm Status
Welcome Mode: Alarm with siren under arm status, with chime sound under disarming status

Note: Zone features applied to sensors,not affect on the host.

-Locate the Exact Alarming Zone
The Led indicator of corresponding Zone flashes with siren to make you quick distinguishing of exact alarming area for your further action.

-Higher Security to protect your family
Require 4 Digital password to disarm the system to avoid intruders disarming it immediately by themselves

-Easy operation Remote Control
One button to Direct Arm/ Delay ARM/Disarm/SOS on Remote
But you can disarm it via remote control for yourself.

18 Months warranty, and 30days money back.

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