Blackjack Bluebook II – the simplest winning strategies ever published (2017 Edition)

Blackjack Bluebook II – the simplest winning strategies ever published (2017 Edition)

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New, updated edition of B/J Bluebook II with 8 added pages for 2017. Key previously black/white strategy charts are upgraded to color. NEW 2017 INFO TELLS: How to NOT take Even Money and still collect a sure win: A color-coded mini-card tells basic strategy players when to correctly ”break” basic strategy due to the cards on board: A detailed breakdown shows why hitting a soft 18 against a 9, 10 or Ace wins more often: A basic appraisal of blackjack side-bets: Exactly what changes when the dealer hits soft 17: How 6-to-5 blackjack affects your overall bottom line. ……..Clear reasons are given for the proper plays of several hands that most experienced players still consistently misplay. …….Classic blackjack table myths are exposed with the use of vivid pictorials, logical analysis and recorded experiments. ……Unique to B/J Bluebook II is chapter 6, ”What Comes After Basic Strategy?”, illustrating astute situational moves that take the common player’s game a notch above ‘vanilla’ basic strategy. …..Bluebook’s ”Ace/10 Front Count” is hands down, the easiest VALID system for telling a casual player when to raise his bets. …….The 3 step ‘KISS Count’ eases avid players into real card counting by first tracking only 50% of the cards dealt, then 65% and finally 80% to achieve a full scale advantage at blackjack. ……. .Finally, the more complex Mentor Count offers a premium level count system that outperforms most others on the market. …….Other existing pages have also been re-detailed to keep pace with today’s tougher blackjack conditions. …….225 pages with 60 vivid card hand illustrations and 43 charts (6 in color).

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