FAST WOMEN: The Ladies of Auto Racing

FAST WOMEN: The Ladies of Auto Racing

Product Description
Fast Women: The Ladies of Auto Racing is an exciting, Award Winning Documentary Film that explores the history, struggle, and numerous achievements of women in Auto Racing. Thrilling footage from both historic and current races, and interviews with racing’s most prominent drivers, reveal just how far women have come in the field. Featuring pioneers such as Shawna Robinson, Janet Guthrie, Lyn St. James, Patty Moise, and Tammy Jo Kirk, this long overdue DVD reveals the fascinating and unique world of women in the driver’s seat. Experience the real life passions, successes, fears, and frustrations of these Auto Racers…and feel the thrill as they race to the finish line.

From Stock Car Racing (Nascar) to Formula One, from the Indy Speedway and Daytona 500 to the racetracks of Europe, this special documentary features women from all walks of life sharing their racing experiences. Witness some of these women’s horrific crashes and learn what lures them back into the cockpit. Discover how a very shy and timid woman expertly handles a monster machine zooming at 220 mph across a salt bed. Hear the touching tale of how one woman races against her internal clock because of Cystic Fibrosis. From the fight for recognition in a male-dominated field, the safety risks, the enthusiastic fans, family support and encouragement, the marketing and sponsorship challenges, and the pressures of being a role model, this DVD revels in success of female auto racers as they overcome the struggle for equality, serves as an historic document of feminism and women’s rights, and is engrossing and entertaining to anyone interested in Auto-Racing.

Directed by Laurie Agard and produced by Rachel Belofsky, Fast Women: The Ladies of Auto Racing reveals the fascinating and unique world of women in the driver’s seat.

Winner of:
Best Documentary at the Angelciti Film Festival
Best Sports Documentary at the New York Independent Film and Video Festival.

Director’s Commentary Track
Drivers’ Biographies
Multiple Driver Profiles
Fast Women in Other Sports
Production Credits & Biographies
Instant Access to All Chapters
Dolby Digital Stereo Audio
Digitally Mastered Audio & Video
Multi-Directional Interactive Menus

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