GM Diet: The Complete 7 Day Diet Plan

GM Diet: The Complete 7 Day Diet Plan

Product Description
The GM Diet is a diet plan that will help you lose an average of 10-17 pounds in just 7 days. This diet was exclusively designed for General Motors employees to help them be healthier and more productive. The GM Diet was studied and created with the full support of the US Department of Agriculture and thoroughly tested by John Hopkins Research Center.

The diet program was such a success, word quickly spread about the effectiveness of the GM Diet. In addition to losing weight, many participants reported improved emotions and attitudes.

The GM Diet is relatively simple to implement with the first 3 days consisting of fruits and vegetables. In days 4 through 7, proteins and soup are introduced to the diet plan, along with other foods.

If you are ready to lose 10 or more pounds in a short period of time, let this eBook be your guide with recipes and ingredients listed for every day of the week, along with Vegetarian and Indian Diet substitutes.

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