Guide to Starting a Carpet Cleaning Business (Start a Business Book 1)

Guide to Starting a Carpet Cleaning Business (Start a Business Book 1)

Product Description
How to start a profitable part-time or full-time carpet cleaning business without investing thousands of dollars.
So, you want to be a Carpet Cleaner!?! Well, that is probably not a totally accurate statement. I don’t imagine you woke up one morning and just thought to yourself, “Boy, a carpet cleaner’s life must be just wonderful … I wonder how you become one?” The likelihood is that you just want to work for yourself and be in control of your life. And I can testify that carpet cleaning is a great vehicle to get you there. I know because I did it!

More realistically, what you really want is a number of things to be the reality of your life (or at least some possibilities you might be open to).

•First, (and as mentioned) you simply would like to work for yourself and be your own boss, either on a full-time OR part-time basis. There is great freedom and a real sense of joy knowing that you answer to no one but yourself (and your customers).

•Second, you probably want a business that will bring in GOOD MONEY QUICKLY! So the business must possess high profit potential. Carpet Cleaning IS that business. The reason this is true is because once your equipment is paid for (and I will show you how to get it quickly and inexpensively), you are looking at a business that can generate between 65% and 80% in pure profit (depending on your business approach, the chemicals and equipment you use, and your approach to advertising).

•Third, you are probably interested in a business that requires low start-up costs or investments. Again, carpet cleaning IS that business. It is very possible to start a profitable business for under $5000 (and it is entirely possible to start with significantly less than that! I know, because I did! More on that in the pages that follow.)

Another wonderful reality with carpet cleaning (and upholstery cleaning) is that it is a business you can move into gradually and on a part-time basis if need be or if you would like to. So, let’s say you just can’t up and quit your job right now. This is NOT a problem! The reason is because carpet cleaning can often be done in the evenings and on weekends. And if you are good at it (and you will be if you follow this book to the letter) you will be making great money part-time in a matter of weeks and before you know it you can tell your job “C ya!!!!” (that is, if you want to).
I know what you are really wondering. I know enough about human beings to anticipate your REAL question:

“How much can I REALISTICALLY expect to earn each day in carpet cleaning?”

No beating around the bush here … you can realistically expect to earn anywhere between $125 and $750 per day depending on how many jobs you do and how many additional services you offer in your business (oftentimes carpet cleaners offer a variety of additional cleaning services – I NEVER have offered anything other than carpet and upholstery cleaning. This way I can keep equipment costs down and “specialize” in one or two areas and customers always love a “specialist.”) And a beautiful reality of carpet cleaning is that if you only want to work 2-3 hours a day and earn $125 to $300 (or more) with just one job per day … it is VERY do-able.

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