How To Buy Products Online Safely And Wisely

How To Buy Products Online Safely And Wisely

How to buy products online safely and wisely:  Billions of dollars today get spent on shopping online.  The reality is that the world has shifted to purchasing online.  But why?   The reasons are no brainer. Purchasing of products is secure. Shipping of goods and services is swift.  With the correct e-tailers, the returns are massive.  Shopping online has become convenient and easier for consumers.

But just like in any other business venture, online shopping has many fake people whose intention is to swindle shoppers of their hard earned money.  Though you should get alarmed, you have every reason to stay calm and keep on shopping online.  The reason is that in this article, will give you the best buying guidelines that will explain how to buy products online safely and wisely on the internet. Here are the tips:

1. Use Well Known Web sites

Especially if it is your first time, don’t just use a search engine to get to a shopping site. Sites get rigged to lead innocent customers astray, and you can find yourself directed to such a page.

Start with a trusted site like which is known to sell everything quickly and securely. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program.

You should be keen on spellings of domains and sites using unfamiliar high-level domain such as “.net” instead of “.com”. These are some of the old tricks known in the books. They lure you with their well-crafted sales info, just to trick you into getting all your personal and secret information.

2. Go For The Locked Sites

A locked site has Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption installed. Y ou will know such a site if the URL starts with HTTPS:// instead of HTTP://. You will be able to see a locked padlock icon below your web browser or within the address bar, next to the URL. It depends on the browser you are using. Never use your credit card on a site with no SSL nor give its details to anyone over email.

3. Limit Information

You make it easier for crooks to steal from you when you give them more details about yourself. For sure, what does your birthday or social security number got to do with an online shopping store? Such information is unnecessary, but thugs need such info together with your credit card details to clear your bank account and empty your pockets. Give only less and necessary information about yourself.

4. Frequent Statement Check-up

Make it a habit to check on your debit cards, credit cards, and account statements online now and then. Don’t wait until the end of the month when you receive them; it might be too late! Look for fraudulent charges even from known sites such as PayPal as your money can be gotten using many ways.

In case you realize something wrong, contact the online shopping stores immediately to address the issue. When you receive actual charges, only then you can now use your credit card to pay the bill. Luckily, you get 30 days to notify the card issuer or your bank of any problems. You become liable for any charges after the 30 days.

5. Protect Your PC

Get an anti-virus program that regularly updates to protect your PC against malware. Swindlers are smart and don’t just wait for you to send them your information. They go an extra mile to make things happen. Inoculate your computer from Identity Theft.   How to buy products online safely and wisely.

6. Create Secure Passwords

Creating uncrackable passwords has been the campaign in fighting illegal access to secret data, and I can never agree less. When it comes to online shopping and banking using the e-commerce sites, it becomes more important to use strong passwords to avoid fraud.

7. Go Mobile How to buy products online safely and wisely

Businesses have embraced the advent of technology to shorten the distance between them and their customers. Mobile devices being the most used technology devices, they have come up with applications that link them directly to their clients.

Use your mobile device to install such applications to connect directly to your retailer such as Amazon. The app will help you search for what you need and buy it directly without necessarily going through the online store or its website.

8. Avoid Public Internet Stations

Public internet terminals are tricky because if you happen not to log out after checking in, even your email, then anybody can access your account and information. Always be keen on signing out when using public internet station.  How to buy products online safely and wisely

Use your mobile device or laptop to shop if you’re out. You might just be giving a snooper an opportunity to check over your shoulders and take a glimpse of your data. Make sure you sit at the back and face the door if you have to use a public internet station.

9. Privatize Your Data Connection

If you have to go out with your mobile device or laptop, you will have to get connected to a Wi-Fi. When you access the Web by a Virtual Private Network (VPN), use a wireless connection. You can purchase one or access those provided for free if you can keep up with interruptions from the many advert pop-ups.

Go for the recognized hotspots even if they offer them for free. You can find such in recognized cafés, libraries, and institutions.

10. Caution On Gift Cards

Though gift cards get requested most as the holiday gift of the year, many scammers take the opportunity to auction off these cards on sites such as e-Bay with small or no money on them. Just stick to the origin of where you bought one. We recommend you buy e-gift cards at the Gift Cards page on

11. Not All That Glitters Is Gold

If you receive information which is too good to be true, stop and think! Take note of the likes of “free product” or “holiday trip” coupons offered when you purchase something, for example, an iPad. Such offers come through social media. Avoid them despite the source; they may have innocently forwarded them to you.

Refrain from such cry–of-help where a foreigner or stranger reaches out to you for help and requests you to wire money to him/her where he/she will later compensate you with huge interests or valuable rewards. Of course, go ahead and help if you confirm the truth of the matter.

You will never regret shopping online if you follow to the later the above online buying guidelines : How To Buy Products Online Safely And Wisely. Shopping for you will not only be fun and easy, but you will also get to purchase quality products. Embrace scepticism as it will help secure your card number.

Now, hop on your comfortable chair, relax, and safely shop online for your business, home, and holiday necessities. You can find a variety of products on  Or simply type what you’re looking for in the box below, then click to select.  H

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