Insignia AAA Batteries Alkaline Battery 1.5V Mercury-free Cadium-free Environmentally Frendly 48-Pack

Product Features

  • Alkaline AAA batteries. Supply reliable power to a wide variety of household electronics
  • 1.5V of power. Delivers a reliable, long-lasting charge to your electronics
  • Mercury-free design for safety
  • Environmentally friendly Cadmium free
  • 48-pack. Provides a steady supply for your household electronics

Product Description


AAA Insignia batteries are most often used in small electronic devices, such as TV remote controls, MP3 players, toys and digital cameras. Devices that require the same voltage, but have a higher current draw, are often designed to use larger batteries such as the AA battery type. AA batteries have about three times the capacity of AAA batteries. With the increasing efficiency and miniaturization of modern electronics, many devices that previously were designed for AA batteries are being replaced by models that accept AAA battery cells.

AAA Insignia alkaline batteries are mostly used in small electronic devices such as:
• Toys
• Remote controls
• Flashlights
• Calculators
• Clocks and Radios
• Wireless Mice and Keyboards
• LED headlamps
• Wireless doorbells and wireless video doorbells
• Remote control cars
• Digital cameras
• Game controllers
• Wireless computer mice
• Electric toothbrushes

Power up electronic devices with these Insignia AAA batteries. This 48-pack ensures you have extra batteries on hand for emergency needs, and the alkaline chemistry delivers maximum charge for heavy-use items such as remote controls. These Insignia AAA batteries are cadmium and mercury-free for environmental peace of mind and safety.

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