Lose 7 to 10 pounds in less than two weeks:: Three of the best diets known combined to make the perfect lifestyle change -hybrid diet

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This book is devoted to discussing the elements of the perfect diet; a hydrid of the ketogenic, alkaline, and macronutrient diets. A simplified definition of a ketogenic diet is that it is a diet whose fat component is high in fat, whose protein component is adequate, but whose carbohydrate component is low.An alkaline diet is a diet that gives its emphasis to alkaline foods such as whole fruits and vegetables and some whole grains. In a healthy alkaline diet, there is a balance between foods, which acidify, and those, which do the opposite by alkalizing. The ketonic diet and the alkaline diet are easier to define than the macronutrients diet. The macronutrient diet is a perfect example of a diet specifically devised for a purpose, often that of weight loss. Users of this diet use what are called ‘macros’ to work out how many calories their meals should have in order to lose weight. Losing belly fat, losing weight, and developing nutritious meal plans will be easy after you read this book. You will gain more than weight loss from the reading experience … you will develop healthy lifestyle choices.

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