Neomen Snore Stopper-Sleep Aid Device Mouthpiece-Night Guard-Custom Molded Mouthpiece

Neomen Snore Stopper-Sleep Aid Device Mouthpiece-Night Guard-Custom Molded Mouthpiece

Product Description
Are you bothered by your snoring problems?
Are you looking for a simple but efficient method to stop snoring?
If so, Neomen anti snoring mouthpiece is your best choice!
What Causes Snoring.
Snoring is caused when the muscles in our necks relax. When these muscles relax too much they then constrict our airways. This obstruction in airflow is what causes the dreadful snoring that affects so many of us.

The Complete Solution!
Reejoys Snore Stopper directly addresses the cause of snoring. It was worn at night, like a small soft flexible gum shield, and holds the lower jaw slightly forwards, to open up the airway and stop snoring.

How to use:
1.Boil in water.
2.Bite down hard and suck out all the air. Also, press firmly on your lips so that the soft gel portion molds even better.
3.When biting down, remember not to bite too hard where your teeth bite through the soft gel.

Be cautious: Do not overheat water, or it may cause mouth scalding or mouthpiece distortion.

Price: $21.69

  • Fit most & fit perfect: you can do it by yourself at home. Neomen mouth guard is easily molded to fit your tooth sizes & mouth shapes.
  • High quality: Neomen mouthpiece is BPA FREE with ANTIBACTERIAL CASE.
  • Easy to mold: Just boil in water and then bite down on the mouthpiece to form a comfortable shape customized to your bite.
  • Risk Free: Buy with Confidence. If you are not satisfied with this snoring mouthpiece, the full refund will be sent, no questions asked.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction. You are Backed by Our 30 Days, No Hassle, No Questions Asked 100% Money Back Guarantee. Buy now RISK-FREE.
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