New Products Management

New Products Management

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  • We have made major additions and updates to the cases to provide more plentiful and more current examples. We retired several cases from the previous edition, wrote many new cases, and thoroughly updated many others. New cases for this edition include: Oculus Rift, Adidas Parley sustainable running shoes, Google Glass, Indiegogo, Tesla, Chipotle, Chick-fil-A, Corporate Social Responsibility at Starbucks, and many others. As always, we aim to offer a mix of high tech products and consumer p
  • n addition, we have substantially updated examples throughout the text wherever possible.We try to make use of illustrative examples that will resonate with today’s students wherever possible. Of course, we welcome the reader’s comments and suggestions for improvement.
  • There continues to be much new research in new products, and we have tried to stay current on all of these topics. Readers will notice new or expanded coverage of portfolio management, value curve creation, the TRIZ method, crowd-sourcing, crowdfunding,observational research, open innovation, organizational structure, 3D modeling, beta testing, sustainable product development, and frugal innovation,among other topics.
  • We continue the practice of referencing Web sites of interest throughout the text,and we have added the web addresses for several useful YouTube videos and other resources.

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