NOKMOPO Bluetooth Transmitter for Car, Adapter Player Hands-Free LED Dual USB Ports

NOKMOPO Bluetooth Transmitter for Car, Adapter Player Hands-Free LED Dual USB Ports

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  • ♫【Easy to use]】Insert the Bluetooth FM transmitter into the car cigarette lighter, select an empty FM frequency (range from 87.5 to 108 MHz) in the car radio, and then connect the Bluetooth on the phone/tablet to the hands-free car Kit and then tune it to the same frequency. After the pairing is successful, your phone music will be transmitted to the car stereo system.
  • ♫【Dual USB fast charging】 The wireless Bluetooth FM radio adapter has a 2.1 amp charging port, which can quickly charge your device! The 5V/2.1A USB port with music icon can not only charge, but also read the U disk to play your favorite music. If you want to charge your phone and laptop at the same time, or want to play music from your phone, or even both, we strongly recommend that you use a Bluetooth car adapter.
  • ♫【Supported music playback modes】 Our wireless FM transmitter supports multiple music playback modes, supports WMA, MP3, WAV, FLAC format files and Hi-Fi stereo system. The car FM transmitter is equipped with LED backlight, which can achieve exquisite visual effects in the car at night. It will provide you with an excellent car audio experience, and you can listen to your favorite music in the car.
  • ♫【Siri voice assistant and hands-free calling】 Our car Bluetooth FM transmitter supports Siri voice commands and hands-free calling to ensure safe driving. Just press the “Siri function” button to call up the Siri voice assistant and enjoy complete voice control while driving. Press the “✆/CH” button to answer/hang up/reject/redial calls and volume control (rotation) to switch seamlessly between incoming calls and music. Make driving easier and safer.
  • ♫【Compatible with Bluetooth】The Bluetooth car transmitter has an advanced Bluetooth V5.0 chip, which can quickly connect with Bluetooth devices, and the signal reception is more stable. And it works with iPhone, iPad, Samsung, tablet, Android smartphone and any other Bluetooth devices. This is a good choice, especially if your car is older and there is no built-in Bluetooth audio player in the system.

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