Photography: DSLR Camera Basic Functions & Shooting Quality Photos (DSLR Cameras, Digital Photography, DSLR Photography for Beginners, Digital Cameras, DSLR Exposure) (Volume 2)

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DSLR Camera Basic Functions & Shooting Quality Photos

You’ve got your DSLR camera, but with all that power in your hands you’re still taking underexposed pictures and there’s a world of new abbreviations that you don’t understand. Mastering digital photography will take years, but while DLSR cameras are far more complicated than your standard point-and-shoot or smart phone camera – with our photography for beginners guide you’ll be taking gorgeous photographs in a matter of days.

With this photography book you’ll learn everything you need to get started and get composing. With simple language and insight you’ll be given step-by-step instructions to making your camera work for you. We’ll go from getting your camera to work in all types of settings, to what equipment and software you’ll need, and how to keep your horizons level and your subjects in focus.

  • Master photography basics with lessons on the staples of good digital photographs. Learn what the different terms mean and how to calibrate depending on where you are and how you want your photograph to look.
  • shutter speed and the right amount of exposure to use.
  • ISO settings. Looking to take snaps at night? Then ISO will be either your friend or your enemy.
  • depth of field and who the photo looks at.

After you’ve got the pillars of basic DSLR photography down, it becomes a question of having the right tools and making sure you can use them. You don’t need to spend hundreds for all the latest gadgets – but you do need to know the difference between automatic and manual settings.

  • camera lens. Not all lenses are created equal and getting the right focal length can dramatically change the outcome of your photo.
  • DSLR camera can come with up to 20 + external buttons – each corresponding to a different option to you. Make sure you are turning the right ones on.
  • cameras is mind-boggling and each one has its own function and its own considerations to take into account.

The most important step to taking good pictures is understandings the immutable laws of composition and photography. We’ll help you to see what audiences are drawn to in pictures, how to make sure the light is always flattering to your subjects, and how to start developing your ‘photographer’s eye’.

  • spectacular photographs including how to apply the rule of thirds, using visual anchors, and implementing experimental angles.
  • Framing a photograph is something we’ve all done, but not something most of us have put enough thought into. Mastering framing is what takes you from holiday snap shots to works of art.

The world of digital photography is enormous, but when you begin exploring its many wonders then you can create memories that will last forever and look fantastic.

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