Poker Workbook: 6max Online Cash Games Vol 1

Poker Workbook: 6max Online Cash Games Vol 1

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Serious players know the importance of studying between sessions. This workbook is the exact studying that you need to be doing to ensure you stay one step ahead of your opponents. You will be guided through the process of hand reading to explore situations you see on a regular basis. Then turn around and put your hand reading improvements to use and find the right hero folds, spots to value bet thinner, and situations where you can correctly fire huge bluffs.

Poker Workbook: 6max Online Cash Games is complete with 40 exercises from 50NL. Each exercise takes you action-by-action to help you focus on the importance aspects of each hand. By working through these exercises you will understand your own ranges (and situations where you are too tight), your opponent’s ranges (and situations where you can bluff a ton more), and even range vs range spots so you are prepared to tangle with solid regs in your next session.

This is the full-color paperback edition written by James “SplitSuit” Sweeney with foreword written by Peter Clarke (author of “The Grinder’s Manual”)

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