Rolex Replications

Rolex Replications

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  • Rolex Replica, Silver color, stainless steel, wate rresist 10m,

Product Description

Published by our club, the Philly Watch Society ROLEX REPLICATIONS is primarily a pictorial guide featuring B&W images of counterfeit watches currently being manufactured and marketed, many to unsuspecting buyers as genuine Rolex watches. Counterfeit watches are openly sold on the internet by several China based companies. The overwhelming majority of these businesses are set up to lure unsuspecting buyers who are soon cheated out of a good sum of money. Some sellers go to elaborate lengths to make themselves look like a huge high volume and established business to gain a buyer’s trust. These companies run very fancy websites loaded with every type of counterfeit product one could imagine and even offer U.S. based customer service numbers to call which are transferred back overseas or to a U.S. based agent somewhere in Los Angeles or New York. Websites for companies like PERFECTWATCHES.CN LUXURYREPLICA, LUXURYREPLI.RU and HIPHOPWATCH.CN have state of the art websites to make themselves try and look legit but upon researching and trying to contact them don’t seem to actually exist. Fraudulent companies defraud thousands of U.S. buyers on a daily basis. For those deciding to go that route dealing with these companies is like playing Russian roulette with a fully loaded gun. Some companies out there however run honest and creditable businesses but they are few and far between. The purpose of this book is to provide reference to the various “fakes” being produced. With modern technology the day of tacky tell-tale quart movement, inaccurately weighed counterfeits is now replaced with high-end ETA replicas that are designed just like the real watches and can fool even some jewelers. These watches command upwards to 00 and are virtually undetectable from the real Rolex to the layman. Counterfeiters are manufacturing rare, vintage Rolex models that most laymen would never consider being fake because they weren’t making fakes back then and they are manufacturing them to the highest quality. This guide will show you which vintage and modern versions are being replicated in today’s current market. According to estimates by the Swiss Customs Service, there are some 30 to 40 million counterfeit watches put into circulation each year. This guide provides reference photographs to various models of Rolex watches that are being mass-produced. These counterfeits are mainly produced in Asia and at least 54% of fakes seized annually originated in China.

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