USA Eliminator PRO Custom Bruxism Night Mouth Guard Mouthpiece

USA Eliminator PRO Custom Bruxism Night Mouth Guard Mouthpiece

Price: $29.94 ($29.94 / Count)

Color: Blue New
Model: 10276

Brand: Eliminator PRO Original


  • EXPERIENCE THE DIFFERENCE – Eliminator PRO 2.0 is made of soft gel material that is easy to mold to your teeth for a custom fit. There are multiple adjustment settings, and our PRO is made smaller and slimmer than other mouth guard on the market, making it more comfortable.
  • MICRO-ADJUSTABLE – Many mouth guards have only one adjustment, or even none, but Eliminator has 10 one mm adjustment settings for individual needs.
  • ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY – Much more that the classic sports mouth piece. This device has the upper and lower trays working together to hold the jaw slightly forward. This clears your airway and helps eliminate teeth grinding which can cause so many other health issues.
  • EPIDEMIC OF CRACKED TEETH – Dentists report an abundance of cracked teeth, due to grinding and gnashing at night. Often induced by stress, this can cause serious damage to your teeth and bring about pain. Eliminator PRO is your first line defense & prevention tool. Our lock technology keeps sleepers from grinding.
  • THE PERFECT SOLUTION Helps reposition the mouth which can open the airway that can become restricted by the soft palate when sleeping. Our lock technology keep airways open and keeps sleepers from grinding.

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